Sunday, 17 July 2011

Peace & Tranquility with Cyphreinc Pipeline

Karma, Ying & Yang, Zen, Chillin?

Whatever thy phrase be for finding your own space, being comfortable with thyself & never giving up.  It's not about the clothes or the way you look, it's about your self belief, a can do attitude to whatever.  Even if it all goes Pete Tong, you had a go!

Some say it's an attitude, others suggest your wasting thy time and some even ask why bother at all! What do I Know. Possibly the same as you?  The man will tell you that you can't do this, that or t'other and when you ask why he'll say it's not within the remit of your pay grade or because I say so or any other of those similar phrases and that's the sound of the alarm bells ringing in me head!  Remember back in the day, when you were a kid and told don't you dare do blah, blah, blah, bet you still did that whatever eventually? Hope you did anyways.

So there be one or two changes to life this end of the coil, i'm not going to bore you with details at all. There's enough people who want to fight the world online with there words and those that say they can do this, that or t'other much better than you or I and when you ask 'em to show you what they've been doing the same lame excuses come out. No doubt you can recall a similar kind of conversation for yourself?

Cyphreinc has come a long way over the last couple of years, and that fact is a massive buzz to me.  What the future holds, to be honest i really don't have a clue, some like to plan their life out to the umpteenth degree.

An 'ickle bit of knowledge is a dangerous thang so i've heard said, you know when you want to try something new,  'ave a go just because you can, does that mean it'll bomb?

Cyphreinc Pipeline is a space where i'm going to try out whatever and see if it works, i'll chat to the wall, walk the girls, come back and have a brew, tweak it again and go with the flow.  A pop up player is in the pipeline for the now.  It's not to try to get you to watch or listen 'cause you're already doing that believe it or not, i thought it would be a plan and that's good enough reason to give it a go.

So i've been taking to the wall, possibly asking the wrong question as always to see if i can get a pop up to work in a variety of browsers? Click below for more.

Cyphreinc Podcasts Pop Up Test
Cyphreinc Podcast #019
~ Inabit ~

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