Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Did that penny really move closer to the edge

The last few days really 'ave been a voyage o' frustration in so many different ways 'n' just maybe!  That there penny got pushed an 'ickle bit closer to the edge of that proverbial cliff.   Well for the now that is anyways and the bizarre thang for yours truly is spooky link #1 back to Cyphreinc Podcast #007 just had to be done.

By the way, if your new to Cyphreinc Podcasts?  Nice One for droppin by for a click, see and play to me 'n' the good lady from back in the day.

Spooky link #2 in my book is tha Choon 'Invincibility by Doctor of Tekno vs Fireisland' on Cyphreinc Podcasts Video #007, play it below and you'll maybe get the drift of where i be coming from.  Though it may mean nowt to thee, it's as sweet as apple pie to me!  Question is?  How far can you go and back we go to Cyphreinc Podcast #007.

What the flock am i babblin' on 'bout? Tweakin that Nipple that be spooky link #3!

Anyways i've spent the last few days and maybe a few more besides that's tha truth workin' on tryin to get this old head round them there widgets, the what, why 'n' how to create 'em etc, blah blah blah.  Ok so you use 'em all the time and create them everyday, course you do.  Just me, the wall and the girl(s) is all this side of tha coil, so i be chillin with the fact that there penny moved a tad closer to me thinking i know something new and you know what they say.... Que Choon.

That pie maybe good, bad or indifferent, 'tis early days for the now! Who'd believe ...

Self Belief & Coffee That be a Buzzin Combo.

~ Inabit ~

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