Friday, 1 July 2011

Once Upon a Time in The NorthWest

Seems like right now that i'm on a search for the right kind of box!  You know how it goes, square peg 'n' round hole! No Worries, well that's not quite the truth and that's a fact.  So whilst the man keeps me info in some file or t'other for future reference, that be the bin to me & thee, i'm out 'n' about with the girls.  (Ok i know there's only one as Sav passed away a while back :( though not the phrase.)

Thought i'd have a look see at this 'ere software thang, now that we're back from an early morning wonder in the woods.  Who know's?  You may just click & play below at the results for thyselves.  No mither either way

By the way, sorted 'n' cheers for clocking the video, at the end of the day I know you know tha choon was by Ennio Morricone and sure the film's name is right on tha tip of thy tongue!

Nice One for that there continued support for Cyphreinc Podcasts you know how it goes, keep doing what you do, Cyphreinc Podcast Day isn't far away.

Never Give Up they say, whom ever They are?  One never knows what's round the corner, i suppose the trick is finding the right corner.  Now that's a plan ...

~ Inabit ~


  1. Never give up my friend, the right corner will come along, as long as you keep moving forward.

  2. Ain't that tha truth, Nice one for that there Support