Monday, 11 July 2011

Change of View

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Whilst Lou watches the world go by in the sky, i thought i'd get round to sorting out a few changes needed on the code for the Choon Creators Video pages, since YouTube / Google did what they do and changed thangs without a boo to a goose! Means i need to tweak a few thangs to move on.

You remember that there custom player that i'd been using for time on the home page?

Well it's now been changed to this 'ere player below!  To be honest the principle's the same, though you get more screen real estate for each video, sorry, what i mean to say is  that you get to watch one particular video at a time, depending on the size you have chosen for the player, with that there little box icon thingy me jig on the left of the + sign to scroll through the playlist should your desire at any time.

Whilst some have created on t'internet 'bout the lack of notice for the removal of that there custom player page, it's taken a while for me to get me head round wether i change or go with the flow and to be honest, getting me head round something new as time goes by is a good thang.

So i'll leave you in peace for the now and get on with whatever as Cyphreinc Podcast Day is just round tha corner.  No doubt the Dylan video 'things have changed' will be removed soon and get replaced with this is no longer available or whatever.

Anyways you and i both know that many of the links will be out of date come the end of the year as you all change from MySpace to wherever!

It's as good as rest is change, so i've heard!

~ Inabit ~

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