Thursday, 28 January 2010

Just Out of Curiosity

That's how it all started ...

Well, not quite though it's close enough for now!

This 'ere space is a new addition to Cyphreinc for 2010, sorted just in time for Cyphreinc Podcast #009.  Get your head round that!  Cyphreinc podcasts available online, to date that's over 100 bands / artistes (117 if you really want to know:) on nine Cyphreinc Podcasts, blows me away does that and with lots more to come…

I have no idea where the out of curiosity request will lead in the future and that’s a massive buzz, would you believe that’s actually an impossible thang to say at any given time as permission is the key!  So say yay.

One thang I do know is that ......

Cyphreinc Podcast Day

tis the

13th of the Month.

There’s always something going on between Me & Her.  I like this and she likes that, its cool in my opinion and look warm in hers.  The choons rock, and more and more people listen.  As always, a smooth well oiled production machine with endless options covered.

There’s always something going on and thats the good thang about it, just when you think you have a handle on whatever, you may find it works well in another way, so it’s time for a new approach.

A break may be needed, a malt or two, walk the girls and just maybe the penny will drop? What can one say, its a well oiled northern machine that works like clockwork, not clockwork orange.

Anyways, in no particular order, what’s next for this here space ...

  • Post out curiosity mail
  • Work in progress for Cast 010
  • Learn to walk on crutches
  • Create a new Cyphreinc Jukebox?
  • 010 video?
  • Whatever else i’ve forgotten....
~ Later ~

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