Monday, 18 January 2010

SoundCloud Cyphreinc

Nice One for that there Click See and Support from Me & Her @cyphreinc. WE would like to thank thee, our listener for sharing your precious time listening to Cyphreinc Podcasts and for having a Click & Play at

Cyphreinc's cyberspace quest for choons continues, ensuring the temperature in the cloud fluctuates month on month and thats a damn good thang me thinks!

Maybe one day we’ll get round to sorting out an Who Are We / About Us type page for the www’s but for the now its the choons that rock cyphreincs’ space. Wherever thy maybe in T’Internet space Cyphreinc will one day drop by for a click see and just maybe send thee an Out of Curiosity mail?

First and foremost Cyphreinc has always been about your choons full stop, so what’s this ‘ere blog all about? To be honest it seemed like a plan to me, a space in time to share what’s going on and who knows?

Nice One if you leave a comment.   No Worries if you don’t.

So for the now, sorted and cheers for your continued support and many thanks for those dropping by for the first time.

~ Later ~
Cyphreinc /

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