Saturday, 9 January 2010

Welcome to Cyphreinc Podcasts

Welcome to
Cyphreinc Podcast's
13 Choons on the 13th of Every Month!

Cyphreinc Podcast #008 is a roller coaster of hippy, hillbilly, death metal, jazz and reggae choons from here, there and everywhere with a little chatter about the lucky number 8 but mostly this podcast is about twitter questions, blog comments and listener email.
  • Almost one year of podcasting.
  • 8 shows in the can.
  • 09/10 collaboration.
We are humbled by the number of people who have expressed interest in the show.  'Some of you don't actually speak English or know what we are saying, but each and every one of you is appreciated!'

We have received some kickass questions and concerns so we decided to answer directly on the show:
  • Do you remember the first piece of listener e mail?
  • How did the two of you meet?
  • Can I have some of  Cyphreinc’s hair and is it really blue?
  • Your doing it WRONG! 
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Click & Play anytime on Cyphreinc Podcasts.  Released the 13th day of Every Month.

Have a Click See at the links at the top of the page, tune in and if you want to submit a track for future podcasts feel free to pop an email over to (special listener e mail address).
The podcasts are presented by Cyphreinc and the ‘other half!’.
We invite any comments on the format and content of the show and we would also be happy to get questions and ideas for future shows.  
Sorted & Cheers,
Me & Her @ Cyphreinc
~ Later ~

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