Saturday, 22 October 2011

FEUD 'Waterdog' New Album & Tour Dates
A hard hitting alternative rock band from the South East of England.

Feud started out by performing their first gigs in Reading and the surrounding areas, and has built up a strong following.  Their sound has been described as the missing link between Nirvana and Foo Fighters, with a blend of Hoobastank and Stone Sour.
Feud New Album Waterdog Available on iTunes
Waterdog Released 19th September 2011

"FEUD mesh together hard rock influences to produce a cohesive sound that is both heavy hitting and instantly memorable.  The Combrinck brothers along with Ian Harper (guitar) and Tom Syrett (bass) bring their individual musical tastes to the song writing process, ensuring that FEUD are equally adept at producing tempestuous rock anthems as well as introspective, yet powerfully executed, ballads."

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Feud 'Save Me' - Cyphreinc Podcast #017

Feud Tour Dates
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