Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Cyphreinc Chillin Choon Tuesday

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Cyphreinc Choon Tuesday seems to have dropped by quicker than ever this month. You know that some say that time flies when thy's having fun, other's that things may change in tha blink of an eye whilst someone else 'll tell you that's the first sign of old age.  I'll let you decide which you prefer for yourself.

'Tis the first Tuesday of the month & that be Choon Tuesday, so click, see 'n' choose!

Possibly: The Chills

Maybe: The Great Escape

Could be: Street Spirit

There's been a few new ideas bobbin 'round me head recently, for the now i'll leave them acorns in the proverbial pipeline as i contemplate the future for me 'n' me girl(s).

Sorted & Cheers for thy continued support @cyphreinc and Nice One as always for droppin by and checking out tha Choon Creators.

~ Inabit ~

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