Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Whitestar 'From The Gutter To The Stars'
"Whitestar have the charisma, the charm, the talent and the passion to take their dream all the way to the top. They are an independant band with an arsenal of tremendously beautiful songs just waiting to find targets in the public consciousness."
'From The Gutter To The Stars' New Album Released by Whitestar

"Four wide eyed mavrick souls came together in 2007 to form a new incarnation of Whitestar. The band's passionate melodic style and rhythmic drive are the perfect backdrop for songwriter Simon's lyrical stories of love, life, death and imagination.

Shock my Soul by Whitestartheband

Catch them while you can before they suddenly implode and form a black hole. Whitestar a timeless and immoveable force of nature, waiting to suck you in!"

Vocals / Guitar - Simon
Bass - Michelle
Keyboards / Flute - Sara
Drums / Percussion - Bim

"Whitestar are hoping to make the next leap into the consciousness of todays discerning music fan with the release of their debut album 'from the gutter to the stars'

Hailing from South London they plan to put Bromley back on the map following in a great tradition of ground breaking artists that come from this strangely normal suburb of London."


Whitestar 'Stone Cold Killers' appears on Cyphreinc Podcast #022

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