Thursday, 10 November 2011

Schuman the Human 'Way To Go, Daddio!'
"Schuman the Human released the first album 'Showtime for Schuman' in 2007 and 'Way to go Daddio!' in 2010 both mixing Lee Hazelwood influenced country, folk, 50's 60's pop and bluegrass with a catchy tune and a tongue in cheek."!/id342576365
'Way To Go, Daddio!' 2nd Album Released by Schuman the Human

"Schuman the Human is essentially Mark Foster on Vocals, Guitars, Keys and Banjo with the assistance of the following lovely people....

Miss Chilli Gold - Lead and Backing Vocals
Gordon Maguire - Bass, Keyboards
Dave Morgan - Drums
Andy Mcfarlane - Violin and all string arrangements
And many others ......

Schuman the Human have been described as 'Lee Hazelwood meets the Violent femmes at a cocktail party' and 'Belle and Sebastien on acid' and our album was called 'A Cult Classic' in Maverick magazine."


Schuman the Human 'The Wild Dogs of Kentucky' appears on Cyphreinc Podcast #005

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