Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cyphreinc Choon Tuesday Returns

Cyphreinc Video Tweaks

Remember the days more than a few moons back when tha shared thy Choons on tape with thy mates? 'Tis tha t'internet that rocks the waves today,  many embrace that fact and go with the flow whilst others complain 'bout royalties going west.  No matter what thy opinion, it's tha Choons that Matter & Not The Chatter, chill with thy choice for Cyphreinc Choon Tuesday.

Possibly: Redemption Song

Maybe: Walking the Dog

Could Be: Amsterdam

Cyphreinc is in the process of testing out a couple of new video players.  So far, no final decision been reached and thats just how it should be, options open and always work in progress.  Anyways i've tested the JW Player on Cyphreinc for the now and maybe by next Choon Tuesday i may have decided which one suits me best.

~ Inabit ~

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