Saturday, 6 August 2011

Cyphreinc Sorting Out the Hacks?

Cyphreinc hacked

Early Friday evening Cyphreinc had a slight issue with someone doing what they do for the fun of it to prove a point to The Man because they can! 

Pain in the proverbial for yours truly in the first instance and initially a nightmare trying to figure out if i'd lost this, that or t'other.  Could I sort it out or what. That was a question 'n' half and was something i wasn't sure 'bout and to be honest, did i really keep a back up?  More importantly, when was the last time i actually did that!

Phew ...  No Worries on that there back up thang.

I've sorta got in the habit of doin' that one, which eased the pain of knowing whatever i did at the end of the day could be sorted somehow, just needed to figure out how best to proceed as i didn't have a clue at all what to do!

Cyphreinc's CPanel

Off i went for a wonder round t'internet to discover an 'ickle bit more, but not knowing what i was looking for it took a while for me to sort something out.  A few months back Wordpress servers had been hacked at root level, whatever that meant!

Cyphreinc Hacked Anyways, They said that it was a low-level (root) break-in and had been diligently reviewing logs since and me password was safe and was somehow quite difficult to crack.... Now that be good news in my book.

Still lost in space off i go elsewhere, similar story from the Hacker News Space. Don't worry that's more geek info than even i could handle then i thought wow!  How good is that?

Maybe Cyphreinc really does Rock :) as "Hackers appear to have stolen source code in a root-level attack on WordPress that could compromise its VIP clients including NASA, the BBC and the New York Times".

Cyphreinc's php MyAdmin

Ok, obviously i'm stretching the realms of believability there, but the point being is now i had something to work with and at least a possible solution to Cyphreinc's hacker.

At least Mr Hacker Dude was cool enough to leave tha message that nothing had been removed, so no harm done!  Wonder if thy point was proven?

Nice One for that there unexpected, massive learning curve.

~ Inabit ~

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