Saturday, 2 April 2011

Still Sounds Like a Plan

Tha Winnie ain't quite hit tha' fan as yet!  Though there still be time, that's for sure.

Pete Tong's dropped by for a brew 'n' a wild turkey or three several times recently and  thangs seem to be going tickety boo at least in my head for the now.  The principle of the plan is in progress and most definitely sounds like a plan worth sticking with in that there quest at getting thangs sorted for whenever, by yours truly.

Tha Video's & Choons are up on itunes, the audio & photo's seem to be sorted thangs seem to be slipping into place which ain't half bad from my perspective.  Tha clock be be a tickin' as ya' know old father time is always one step ahead.

Cyphreinc Podcasts

I've managed to get my head round the code that gets mp3s 'n' mp4s on t'internet and in my book that be no mean feat.  Sorting out the links, categories & whatever and trying to work out what works next for Cyphreinc.  So tha plan in my head is as always work in progress, and ya' know this ain't a job!  So far, me thinks thangs are going sweet as and that's when Pete knocks on tha door one more time for a brew ...

'tis almost time ta brush off that there shite from me boots and hit tha road.

Cyphreinc Podcast #015

~ Inabit ~

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