Friday, 24 September 2010

What can you do

~ Cyphreinc Podcasts ~
It's that time of the month again!  Well give an hour or two and just maybe you'll have an inkling of what i'm going on about when you look up in the sky and see that there big ball of light at night.

You've most likely already heard Creedence no doubt recently, so on a full moon type theme here be The Bastard Fairies rendition of that there very same choon Bad Moon Rising. By the way did you manage to get on that there EPA Jury? all the best if thy did, if not here be a link to what's happening on the EPA Blog.


Ta very glad one and all for thy continued support and you know when you just can't get a choon outta yer head, just because you clocked it in a film!

By the way, here be the link to that there film, just before you have a click see, which one do you have in mind?  Time for a wonder me thinks....

~ Inabit ~

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