Saturday, 17 July 2010

Failure to Communicate

Sometimes you catch something on that there t'internet thang you really weren't looking for and before you know it, with no pre-conceived ideas or expectations in the first place your on a voyage of discovery into the unknown and Whatever!

You just know that Why rocks!

A click see and play here or there and before you know it, even if you did set out with a crumb of an idea, a sort of mental image of what you wanted to find, though with no real specific question in mind, your going with the flow and where you end up?  Well that's something thy will never be able to answer. 

That's how this trip sort of started!

How many times have you ever heard the like?

It would blow my mind if i tried to count the number of times i've heard that kind of thang said to me in my time, boggles me swede to even try and put a number on it if i was to be honest!  Other well worn similar saying's like:
  • Don't you think it's time you grew up and started acting your age
  • Who do you think you are
  • What are you on
Actually the list is as long as that there preverbial arm of yours and not always as subtle or polite, anyways you get the drift.  Their be one i keep hearing a lot at the moment that goes sorta like: Why do you bother doing what you do when you ain't making any brass?  You know that you can't keep doing something for nothing it's the coin that spins this 'ere coil!

Anyways, maybe we'll drop some more inabit but for the now the choon quest continues and if you like what you hear why not pass it on! Should you fancy droppin by with a recommendation or three for a future Cyphreinc Podcast that helps float our boat.

The "out of curiosity" request may get answered or sometimes not that's the way the cookie crumbles. Time and patience is all that's needed and eventually one or two of thee will get thy head round that. Keep Doin' What You Do!

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Sorted & Cheers from Cyphreinc & the "Better Half"

~ Later ~

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