Saturday, 15 May 2010

Living The Dream

~ Cyphreinc Podcast #013 ~

There’s always work in progress trying to make that there Click See life of yours as simple as we can!  Cyphreinc Podcasts is out there, in fact it’s all over the Cyphreinc Web Sites, MySpace and ReverbNation not to mention this here blog space, just to drop a few.

I’m Going to continue with updating the info for the earlier podcasts soon and thats no worries at all, I just thought that it would be a good idea to give you the opportunity to do what you do and have a click see from this Cyphreinc Podcast Blog at the details of the podcasts, should you so desire?

Anyways you know what to do, click away quite literally if you want to, thats sorted by me or you could check out The Choon Creators, The Cyphreinc Web Pages and the Cyphreinc Podcasts MP3s from the New Cyphreinc Podcast Detail page on this here humble blog.

By the way .... Get your head round that there Nomination for European Podcast Award.

Sorted & Cheers for that there Support Thang.

~ Later ~

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