Saturday, 17 April 2010

RSS Cyphreinc Podcasts

Cyphreinc Podcasts (Cyphreinc Podcast #012 mp3) are available as RSS feeds via your google reader. In fact there are a three RSS feeds available for Cyphreinc Podcasts: One for the Podcasts, one with links to the bands and another for this here blog.

Here they are ....

Cyphreinc Podcasts:
The Bands:
The Blog:

Most of you know the what, why, where and how to etc so I’m not going to show how to suck eggs.

Before we move on here’s a a quick video from those who can do to show you how to! with regards to RSS in Plain English....

So now you know ....

Click See & Play Cyphreinc Podcasts /

~ Inabit ~

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